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Welcome to the Seattle Energy Clinic

We help people lead powerful, intentional lives by showing them a different way to approach their health, their self-concept, their communication and even a different way to view their own human nature. We'll help you cultivate a powerful, intentional, successful life! Would you like to:
  • Overcome obstacles that keep you from having the life you want?
  • Reconnect to your core values and pursue your goals and dreams?
  • Reduce stress?
  • Eliminate barriers you thought could never be overcome?
  • Improve your health?
  • Launch that business?
  • Nail down that elusive promotion?
  • Identify and remove roadblocks to a fantastic life?
We work with each person as the unique individual that they are, while at the same time recognizing there are universal challenges, tendencies and human behaviors that arise over and over again, holding people back from attaining their true potential.

We're Moving March 5th!!!
(Still in Northgate though!)

After almost 10 years in our small two room clinic, we're expanding! We're moving to a lovely, more spacious, six room clinic which is still located in the heart of Northgate! Our new home is in the Northgate Medical Dental Plaza, just 1 block south of the Northgate Transit Center on 3rd Ave NE. Highlights of our new clinic space include:
  • Our suite (140) is on the ground floor (3rd Ave NE entrance), so no elevators!
  • Still wheelchair accessible
  • Restrooms located right outside our clinic door in the hallway
  • Plenty of free parking in the lot directly in front of the building
  • Two person reception desk! We can finally sit down instead of standing up all day!
  • Reception area that accomodates five to six people comfortably
  • Four massage / bodywork rooms
  • Two consulation rooms (we'll be adding additional services - stay tuned)
  • Workshop space (we'll be adding additional classes and programs - stay tuned)

First Day at New Location:  
Monday, March 5th

Building Name:  
Northgate Medical Dental Plaza

9714 3rd Ave NE, Suite 140, Seattle 98115

Click map to download printable map & directions...

  • Two blocks south of Northgate Mall
  • One block south of the Northgate Transit Center and Thornton Place Theaters
  • Near Group Health (but the entrance to our clinic is on 3rd Ave NE, not 4th)
  • Half block north of the Seattle Athletic Club

Ample, lighted and free in building lot

Phone & Fax:  
No change.

Contact us at 206.841.2508 or

Clients say...

“Thank you Roderick for working the process with me, allowing me to transform a loose set of ideas into and integrated reality that brings me joy every day. What an honor to be in your circle.”
- Nate P.

“What a difference...! I really appreciate your listening and thoughtful suggestions!!! Thank you!!”
- Edie H.

Appt. Line: 206.841.2508  |  Northgate Medical Dental Plaza |   9714 3rd Ave. NE, Suite 140  |  Seattle, WA 98115 |  Fx: 206.367.6177
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